A Seismik Upgrade

A Seismik Upgrade

There’s no better way of blowing off the cobwebs and getting ready for Autumn than an upgrade to your hi-fi!  With talk of further lockdowns possibly on the cards,  we were delighted to help an existing customer look at his current system and make some considered recommendations towards taking it up to the ‘next level’.

Firstly a bit of background.  Chris first visited the barn back in 2015 to audition a complete hi-fi system, to explore the new digital streaming era and what this had to offer, subsequently purchasing a new streamer, DAC, amplifier and loudspeakers. 

Fast forward to 2018, we had stayed in touch and introduced Linn as a potential new streaming system with far superior app control and overall musicality which distinctly appealed to Chris.  Consistent through this time and upgrade process were the ATC SCM40s, the bedrock of this system, and able to scale beautifully whilst moving up to Akurate level DSM.  At this point he also decided to add his first Linn LP12, in the form of the Majik level Sondek. Two superb products from the Glasgow based Linn Products. Let’s bring it back to Britain!

Shortly afterwards the opportunity came up to purchase our Linn Klimax Twin stereo power amplifier, and an audition was booked to hear the difference between the Akurate DSM and then Klimax DSM (as pictured below).  In one of the shortest demonstrations in history, the decision was made to move to Klimax level DSM and Amplification.  A superb sounding system.

Linn Klimax DSM (KDSM/2)
Klimax LP12, Klimax DSM, Klimax Twin & ATC SCM40

But what about the LP12

In 2019 the customer treated himself to an early retirement present in the form of the flagship LP12, the Klimax… Ekos SE, Kandid, Radikal, and Keel. Pipe dreams that we’d casually floated into conversation became the specification of his new reference level turntable. Exciting doesn’t begin to describe the transformation….this was a thoroughly engaging and musical system.  (Shhh…don’t mention the Karousel!)

Back to present day, well 2 weeks ago….

Looking forward to the installation but not the heatwave outside I was greeted by a very excited Chris, who offered a glass of apple juice and sparkling water. Very gratefully received and the perfect start to settle into the installation.

Taking the old Klimax DSM out of the system I decided to reconfigure the Podium Rack from HifiRacks due to the increased height of the new DSM. After all, what’s the point of a modular rack if you can’t utilise its flexibility?!

Some installations and upgrades have a very predictable out come.  You just know from past experience how the customer is likely to react to the changes.  The new KDSM more than any other is a prime example of this.

Did we mention the customer utilised Linn’s trade in scheme to upgrade from DSM/2 to the latest and greatest DSM/3? It’s a good one…

Thinking about an upgrade?

Why not drop us a message to find out how we can help?  A home loan, an audition of the latest products or to get a trade-in quotation so that you are ready for what this winter has in store for us all!  We have here to help.

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