The perfect hifi experience.

Whether this is your first adventure in ‘proper’ hifi, or you are looking for your end-game system, there should be one thing in common.  Excitement.  That’s what we do here at The Audiobarn.  Create the perfect setting and experience that not only do you make the right purchase, but you enjoy every moment of the process.  From coffee, chatting and demonstrations, to the setting up of your new system.

Location location.

Music takes you to another place.  But what if your starting point was a busy noisy town centre?  Choosing the right location was absolutely essential for us having come from traditional high street hifi retail.  Whilst only being 5 minutes away from the M25 and M11, you are surrounded by rolling countryside, and its a feature our customers love.


“Londons Countryside Dealer” as one customer put it.

Which areas do we cover?

Essex, Hertfordshire, London, Surrey and everywhere in between!  As a specialist hifi dealership, we cater for the demands of customers from far afield.  In fact, many of customers would rather jump in the car for a hour to get us safe in the knowledge that they will get the very best advice and customer experience.

Where products are particularly bulky or specialist in nature, we can accommodate most home demos and even leave systems with you for a week whilst you appraise them.

Great Service Needs A Great Team

Perhaps our biggest asset is the passion and knowledge of our team.

Both Jack and Andy have considerable experience within the industry, and are always on hand to offer to support and advice long after your system is installed and up and running.

Don’t be surprised if they have some suggestions you wouldn’t have thought of either….after all,  that’s where a really great experience should start…with people who know their stuff!


Jack Satchfield

Jack first started working in hi-fi back in 2005, and has worked for a variety of different dealerships in the London and Hertfordshire area.

In 2015, the increasing frustration of how some areas of the industry were moving towards a ‘stack em high’ approach, led him to branch out and setup The Audiobarn.

Jack continues to offer exceptional customer service and one of the finest hi-fi auditioning experiences in the industry.  We think the reviews speak for themselves!

Andy Holt

November 2020 saw the arrival of Andy Holt at The Audiobarn. As the former manager at PJ Hi-Fi in Guildford, Andy brings his own specialisms and approach to hi-fi which can only enrich the quality and breadth of knowledge we can offer here at ‘The Barn’.

Like many in the hi-fi industry, Andy has successfully turned a passion for music into a career, and now by his own admission, “an obsession”!  What we can say for sure, is that you won’t find a more committed and passionate enthusiast to help create your own hi-fi sanctuary.

Steve McLeish

Our resident LP12 and turntable specialist, Steve has spent nearly 40 years working in hi-fi.  Steve started at The Audiophile in Bishops Stortford back in the early 1980’s,  where he honed his LP12 and Naim experience.  What Steve doesn’t know about LP12, Vertere and other specialist Turntables isn’t worth knowing.  He really does make turntable tuning an art form, and we are constantly staggered by the extra performance he can get out of an already ‘setup’ deck.