Audio Note

The Mysterious World of Audio Note


Audio Note is something of an enigma to those unfamiliar with the brand.

Often reported as ‘best sounding room’ at hi-fi shows, there is widespread belief that Audio Note is very expensive, and beyond the budget of everyday music enthusiasts.

This is NOT the case however.  The magic and enjoyment of Audio Note start at prices comparable to mainstream brands like Naim and Rega.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy adopted by Audio Note is commendable and highly effective – to let the hi-fi get out of the way of the music, and let it sound as the artist intended.  To this end, the designs are not overcomplicated, but refined and use the very highest components, including in-house custom made transformers to achieve the very highest performing products.

Audio Note Loudspeakers

The Loudspeaker range is often the biggest area of confusion.  The AN-K, AN-J and AN-E are world renowned, and owned by some of the world’s most reputable sound recording professionals.  They are natural, and above all highly musical – the D.N.A of ALL Audio Note.

Loudspeaker cabinets are made in Austria, are stunning to look at, whilst the electronics are all hand assembled here in the UK.

So where do I begin?

If you are unfamiliar with Audio Note, the range can look quite baffling, and googling the subject can actually makes this worse!  The easiest route by far is to send us an email, and outline what your needs are.

Whether you are looking for a new digital source, or feel like you need an amplifier and loudspeaker combination to better suit your music tastes or room etc.  We can suggest some ideas and prices.

We offer home demonstrations, and folks love spending time at ‘The Barn’ in a relaxed environment where the music does the talking…not us!

In very simple terms, Audio Note is divided into 6 levels, from Level 0 to Level 5.  You can mix and match depending on budget and future upgrade plans, but it is best to consider the system as a whole (as with any hi-fi system).


 Where can I find an Audio Note price list?

Audio Note prices are available on request.  THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IF YOU HAVE TO ASK, YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!  In fact most customers are surprised at how affordable Audio Note can be.  Yes, the famous amplifiers like the legendary Ongaku run close to 6 figures, but an entry level amplifier actually costs less than a Naim Nait XS or Rega Elicit.

Audio Note Pricing

CD Players from £1,750.00

DACS from £1,235.00

Integrated Amplifiers from £1,700.00

Pre-Amplifiers from £1,560.00

Turntables (no arm or cartridge) from £1,045.00

Tonearms from £719.00

Cartridges from £339.00

Loudspeakers (AN-K/AN-J/AN-E) from £2,128.00

Phone: 01279 454 860
Address: 2 Feltimores Park, Old Harlow, Essex CM17 oPF

Take the first step

If you have ever wondered what Audio Note is like, and you are ready to begin your journey, send us a message. The magic awaits you…..