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Experience a full Linn Klimax Exakt System with Kudos Titan 808

Saturday 8th December 11:00 - 17:00

Hot on the tails of our hugely successful Linn Selekt evening last month, we can now announce our next Open Day Event, featuring the magical combination of Kudos Titan 808 loudspeakers driven in fully active configuration on both digital and analogue Linn Klimax.

The day will kick off at 11am and run throughout the day for anyone wishing to drop in.  Complimentary drinks and nibbles will on offer as usual, courtesy of our local deli Dorringtons.

Places are limited for this event with 30 places available for reservation.  Entry is free of charge, but please book early through Linn’s website below.

The system we shall be showing:

What is Linn Exakt?

Linn’s Exakt technology allows you to reach the very pinnacle of home audio reproduction, by  time-aligning every frequency going to every drive unit in your speakers, producing a completely linear phase performance. Containing a programmable Exakt digital crossover and separate Katalyst digital-to-analogue conversion for every speaker channel, it’s the biggest upgrade you can make to your system.

Digital or Analogue - or both!

Titan 808 - World Class

Still in their shrink wrap, we have a brand new pair of 808s currently running in for the event, and it’s our first set in black which we have to say look incredible.

The Titan 808 is widely acclaimed as one of the finest loudspeakers available.  The drivers are manufactured by Norwegian specialists Seas, but are bespoke and developed under the scrutiny of Kudos lead designer Derek Gilligan, who will be here to answer all your questions.

At the heart of Kudos’ design philosophy, is that measurements are only part of the loudspeaker design process. If something measures perfectly, but doesn’t communicate the soul of the music…it’s not right.  Once you have lived with a pair of Kudos, this approach becomes indispensable!

Titan In Shrink Wrap

Why do I need active?

Kudos have designed the Titan range so that they can be driven ‘actively’.  In short, this means that instead of an amplifier driving both the high and low frequency drivers through a crossover, you can have a dedicated amplifier for each driver. 


In practice, and as we shall be showing, 3 amplifiers can be used – 1 for the tweeter, 1 for the mid range driver, and 1 for the bass driver.  Judge for yourself, but this approach opens the music up considerably, as though the loudspeaker has been set free of itself.

Linn takes Active to the next level

Exakt is a ground-breaking technology that turns the loudspeaker into an intelligent, connected, software-upgradeable product and enables a wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities in design, in manufacture and in-home.

In a Linn Exakt system the loudspeaker’s internal crossover is bypassed. Instead, Linn’s Exaktbox performs the crossover digitally, routing the bass, mid-range and treble signals through separate amplifiers and applying Exakt technology for greater control of the music signal and to optimise the loudspeakers’ performance for the room.

Vinyl Hunter Record Store

Colchester and Bury St. Edmunds based record shore ‘Vinyl Hunter’ will be joining us for this event, with a range of new and rare vinyl for you to enjoy.

There will also be a free prize draw with a gift voucher to buy an LP of your choice!

Vinyl Hunter have a vast range of Vinyl across the board, including: Rock & Pop from 60’s-90’s, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Latin, African, Dub & Reggae, Industrial, Wave + dance & electronic music of all descriptions.

There is something for everyone at this open day – Reserve your space now.

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