LP12 Klinik

FREE LP12 Health Checkup

Whilst things are quieter during the summer months, we are offering a fantastic opportunity to have your LP12 checked over by Steven McLeish, right here in our shop.

Steve has been setting up LP12s for more years than it’s polite to mention, but it’s fair to say that what he doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing anyway.  It is absolutely jaw dropping to see how much potential he can get from even an old deck that just needs some TLC.

Steve will take around an hour to listen to your LP12, have a look around it and give you his professional feedback on what is working well, and what options you have for improving things if you want to.  This is a no obligation service, and he is more than happy just to chat over a coffee!  There are incentives on the day if you do want to upgrade. 

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