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The absolute pinnacle of loudspeaker engineering and design.  Uncompromising, and utterly beguiling given the right system and setup.  The Magico A1 is possibly the best stand mounted loudspeaker we have ever heard.  It’s quite incredible the sound which emanates from an enclosure of this size.  Read the review on the product page.


Then of course we have the M2.  On permanent demonstration here, you will never go back to another speaker after hearing this one….we guarantee it!  It does things you wouldn’t think possible from recorded music.  Ready to live the dream?  Come and experience Magico with us.

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Magico A1 Loudspeakers
Magico A1
Magico A3 Loudspeakers
Magico A3
Magico S1 MK II
Magico S1 Mk II
Magico A5 Loudspeakers
Magico A5
Magico S3 Mk II
The Stunning Magico M2
Magico M2

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