Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Jack Satchfield

Jack first started working in hi-fi back in 2005, and has worked for a variety of different dealerships in the London and Hertfordshire area.

In 2015, the increasing frustration of how some areas of the industry were moving towards a ‘stack em high’ approach, led him to branch out and setup The Audiobarn.

Jack continues to offer exceptional customer service and one of the finest hi-fi auditioning experiences in the industry.  We think the reviews speak for themselves!

Andy Holt

November 2020 saw the arrival of Andy Holt at The Audiobarn. As the former manager at PJ Hi-Fi in Guildford, Andy brings his own specialisms and approach to hi-fi which can only enrich the quality and breadth of knowledge we can offer here at ‘The Barn’.

Like many in the hi-fi industry, Andy has successfully turned a passion for music into a career, and now by his own admission, “an obsession”!  What we can say for sure, is that you won’t find a more committed and passionate enthusiast to help create your own hi-fi sanctuary.

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