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Naim Audio & Active Kudos Titan 606

Saturday 5th October 2019, 11:00am

Take your seats for The Audiobarns stage of the Kudos Titan Active Roadshow.  In a detour from other dealerships, we shall be focusing on something just a little bit more affordable…yet still out of this world for sound quality.

Showcasing the incredible Titan 606, we shall be showing this superb speaker in a passive setup featuring the Naim NDX 2 and 282/250 before changing things up to see how the same system works Actively with a SNAXO and 2nd 250 added.

The system we will be showing:

Immediately followed by:

Another Exclusive

The day is casually organized into 4 listening sessions as set our below.

Grouped by musical genre, and then followed by a ‘requests’ sessions, you can choose exactly when you want to drop in.

Stay all day, or just choose the sessions which suit your tastes.  Bored of the hi-fi show classics?  Just enjoy the rock and pop section and let us know which tracks you would like to hear in the request session.  Simple.

The Days Running Order

11:00 am Start

Playlist 1: Classical & Jazz

  • 30 minutes Passive
  • 30 minutes Active


12:00 pm Tea & Coffee Break

Playlist 2: Hi-Fi Classics

  • 30 minutes Passive
  • 30 minutes Active


13:30 pm Lunch

Playlist 3: Rock & Pop

  • 30 minutes Passive
  • 30 minutes Active


15:00 pm Requests

This will run for 2 hours using the Active setup only.

Deli Sandwiches

Complimentary drinks and sandwiches will be on offer as at all of our events.

Our local Delicatessen is Dorringtons, who have been supplying their wares since 1930 and I can personally guarantee that their selection is second to none!  

Help us order in the food

The event will run all day, but we would be really grateful if you could indicate if you are planning on coming, and if you are bringing anyone.

Just complete the form and we shall look forward to seeing you on the day.

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