High-End Naim Streaming - Without breaking the bank

Saturday 2nd February 11:00 - 17:00

Sometimes we wonder if hi-fi has gone a little too crazy – lost its raison d’ etre in the pursuit of higher and higher technical performance.  Good home audio should take you out of the present moment, and lose you in a musical performance.

This event plays on the strengths of Naim’s stunning new streamers which, in combination with the affordable Kanta series of loudspeakers, deliver just this – an immersive experience that doesn’t cost the earth!

The system we will be showing:

  • Naim NDX2 (with and without XPS DR)
  • Naim Supernait (with and without Supercap DR)
  • Focal Kanta No.3

The Kanta No.1 and No.2 will also be available, whilst the ND5 XS 2 will also be setup.

The all new NDX 2

It’s no secret that the introduction of Naim’s new streaming platform ran well over schedule, but when you consider the complexity and no-compromise attitude of Naim’s design team, it’s quite a remarkable achievement to deliver these products.

The NDX 2 is quite exceptional.  Streaming has come a long long way, and from the first few notes you can tell the wait was worth it.  Paired with a Supernait, you have an affordable 2 box system that could be all you ever need from home audio.  End game.  

Made for Naim - Focal Kanta

Whether your passion is for cutting edge funky styling, or more conservative refinement, there is no denying that the Kanta range gives you colour options!

Like the Focal Sopra range, you might even find yourself lusting after something you wouldn’t have dreamed of….Sopra No.1 in Orange was by far the most popular choice.

The Kanta No.3 is just as innovative as Naim’s new streamers, and being designed around Naim amplification, the synergy is wonderful.  Fast rhythmic bass perfectly integrated with the midrange and a super detailed and sweet treble, it’s a combination that simply works.

We shall have all 3 Kanta models on demonstration.

Deli Sandwiches

Complimentary drinks and sandwiches will be on offer as at all of our events.

Our local Delicatessen is Dorringtons, who have been supplying their wares since 1930 and I can personally guarantee that there selection is second to none!  

After all, the best music needs great food and drink….this promises to be another fabulous day with Naim supporting the event.

Help us order in the food

The event will run all day, but we would be really grateful if you could indicate if you are planning on coming, and if you are bringing anyone.

Just complete the form and we shall look forward to seeing you on the day.