Stenheim Alumine 2 SE

Stenheim Alumine 2 SE

At last, listening is infused with a concert atmosphere, the audience’s energy and enthusiasm. Forget technology – simply experience music.



The Alumine represents a substantial deviation from conventional speaker design.

With high efficiency, the Alumine permits the use of high quality but lower powered amplifiers. Unparalleled speed combined with beautiful and rich tone elevates Stenheim from all too common audiophile fireworks and overhyped, but ultimately fatiguing designs.

With the ability to customize the finish with endless possibilities, aesthetic sentiments are addressed. With no exposed fasteners or screws, our watch industry team has created a fluid and stunning achievement in contemporary speaker design.

In an age of obsessive consumerism and product choice, Stenheim believes in pride of ownership and longevity. And while the Alumine manifests this philosophy, it is truly inspired by the passion and love for music.

Special edition

The Alumine Two is also available as a special edition model called the Alumine Two SE which features improved high-grade crossover components, with dedicated Stenheim internal wiring and a Reference binding post.

Technical Specifications

  • Passive 2 ways with front Bass Reflex Design 10 to 15 mm thick all aluminium construction
  • Frequency response : 45Hz – 30kHz
  • Power handling : 100W IEC, 200 W (peak)
  • Recommended amplifier from 10W to 200W
  • Sensivity : 93 dB SPL/2.83V/1m (measured in a semi-reverberant room)
  • SPL max : 109 dB
  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms
  • Dimensions : H 330mm x W 230mm x D 275mm ( H 13in x W 9in x D 11in)
  • Weight : 17 Kg each
  • Woofer: One 16.51 cm (6.5in) High-strength cellulose fiber cone impregnated and coated on both sides with damped resins
  • Tweeter : One 2.54cm (1in) Fabric dome, loaded by a small horn machined in the 15 mm aluminium front plate
  • Air core inductors, Polypropylene capacitors, Metal film resistors
  • Special finitions on demand : Light shiny Grey, Dark shiny grey, Full Black, Wood veneer or Leather veneer
  • Special Edition SE with ultimate components (crossover, internal wiring and connectors)
  • Warranty : 5 years

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