ATC SCM50ASLT active loudspeakers pair

ATC SCM50 ASLT (Active)



The ATC SCM50 floor standing loudspeaker is a new addition to the ATC lineup, with custom wood finish such as rosewood (pictured here), the SCM50 is a truly handsome loudspeaker.

If you do not already know, the ATC50 is the standard by which all major recording companies judge a speaker by and is a loudspeaker that audiophiles and music lover alike have come to hold dear to their hearts. With a relatively small footprint and the ability to play musical peaks at 115dB the ATC50 is a true powerhouse.



  • ATC SM-150 s Soft Dome Mid driver.
  • Latest 234mm SL Spec Bass driver.
  • Massive ATC motor assembly.
  • Wide dispersion and perfect imaging.
  • 350 watt Class A (to 2/3 max power) Tri-amplifier.
  • Active filters and overload protection.
  • 6 year warranty.
  • Also available in passive version.