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The Audio Note ‘K’ loudspeaker was the very first audio note speaker we heard, and to say our jaws hit the ground is understatement.  Yes it was part of a full audio note system, but when you consider the total system price was less than £10k (for everything including CD player), we just couldn’t believe what we were hearing.

The AN-K, to give it it’s full name, is a 2 way passive stand-mounted loudspeaker, best suited to valve amplifiers, and specifically designed to be used close to walls and corners.  This makes it an extremely versatile speaker, which is very living room friendly – especially here in the UK.

Following Audio Note’s system of being able to incrementally increase the quality of internal wiring and components, it is possible to start with a pair of AN-K from a little over £3,000!

Dedicated Audio Note stands are also available to raise the tweeter to the ideal height, and allow the cabinet to compliment the driver performance.  These are available from around £475.

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