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Introducing the AURALiC ARIES G2.  The original Aries was the first of its kind.  It sought to bring a dedicated streaming transport to high-quality DACS.  It has won many awards, and continues to unleash hi-fi systems from dreaded laptops and PC’s.  The ARIES G2 Streaming Transporter is based on the same principle, but at a much higher price and performance level.


Preserve the digital signal

Few would need convincing these days that bits are bits, and that transports don’t matter.  They do, and the ARIES has been designed with an obsessive attention to detail.  Some of the technical highlights:


  • Cutting Edge galvanic isolation
  • Ultra-clean power control
  • Dual Femto Clocks
  • EMI-shielding chassis machined from a single block of aluminium


A quick look behind the ARIES G2 reveals a wealth of potential connections.



Bit-Perfect, Muti-Room functionality

The user interface is one of the strengths AURALiC has become noted for.  The lightning DS app is both reliable, and easy to use.  The ARIES G2 is a certified Roon endpoint, which makes the aries one of the most flexible streamers on the market.  So whether you are streaming from an internet based subscription service, or files stored in your home, your covered.

Customers may install any 2.5” solid-state or hard drive or order the ARIES G2 with a pre-installed solid-state drive for on-device music storage.

Choose your flavour

So whether your preferred DAC is a non oversampling model, like an Audio Note, or the latest upsampling DSP style, a high-end network transport now exists.

Of course, partnering the new VEGA G2 would make for a very handsome front end.





High resolution images of the ARIES G2.



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