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Sound.  Many long nights went into creating a very detailed yet natural and organic sound.  ETHER headphones are not about having the best bass, mids, or highs, they’re about delivering a convincing experience. When you hear live music do you say “wow, what highs” or do you say “Wow, what beautiful vibrato?”

Technology.  At the heart of the ETHER headphones is our V-Planar(tm) driver and TrueFlow wave guide technologies.   V-Planar technology pleats the driver surface so as to reduce distortion, improve transient response, and extend the frequency range.

Our new ETHER Flow headphones feature TrueFlow technology which smooths the path for air moving into, through, and out of the magnet structure* for greatly reduced distortion and improved dynamics.

Comfort.  ETHER headphones are known for their light weight and comfortable clamp, and have a nearly ideal weight distribution, so they can be worn for hours without fatigue.  ETHER headphones won’t move around on your head with normal usage, but neither will they leave your jaw and ears aching due to clamping force.

Timeless Design.  ETHER is almost entirely metal for durability and sound quality yet its extremely light and comfortable.   The team worked overtime to cut weight without sacrificing performance.  One solution we found is  an industry-first: a NiTinol “memory metal” headband that is super-light and ultra-cool.  It delivers just the right level of clamp to keep the phones in place and sealed on most heads, yet it’s remarkably tough and reliable.   With it’s light weight, comfortable fit and supple lamb-leather ear pads ETHERs may be worn for long sessions without fatigue.

Why name the headphone ETHER? 19th century physics had no concept of hard vacuum filling to “fill” the vast reaches of space. ETHER was an imaginary substance that filled the voids between the stars. Since a lot of what makes ETHER fun is the sense of space and the deep quiet between the notes, and ETHER was a bit “magical,” it seemed like a nice name.



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