Focal Celestee

Focal Celestee

Celestee provide an incredible listening experience thanks to the exclusive technology built into their speaker drivers. The precise and ultra-clean sound reproduced is further enhanced by the headphones’ modern, refined design. With its curved headband, sophisticated Navy Blue colour and Soft Copper finishes: Celestee reveal the intensity of every listening moment, at home or on the go.


Focal Celestee

Made in France, Celestee are portable headphones that combine modern design, comfort and uncompromising sound quality. Their Navy Blue colourway and Soft Copper finish makes these headphones exceptionally luxurious. Their full-range speaker drivers with ‘M’-shaped aluminium/magnesium dome are Made in France in Focal’s Atelier. They enable excellent dynamics, high sound precision and excellent tonal balance. Celestee’s closed-back design also guarantees excellent isolation for even greater listening pleasure.



The finishes take centre stage. Celestee’s Navy Blue colourway gives the headphones a really chic look. The unique shade of blue is further enhanced by the Soft Copper finish on the interior grilles, cable connectors and the rings on the earcups.



Celestee incorporates several of Focal’s innovations: 40mm ‘M’-shaped dome full-range speaker drivers in aluminium/magnesium, a frameless copper coil and dedicated 100 micron surround and more. The acoustics inside the earcups have also undergone treatment to limit resonance. The sound delivered is extremely clear, with good bass extension and precise treble and top midrange. To top it off, the low impedance of the headphones (35 Ohms) ensures uncompromising use with a portable audio player.



The clean lines of the aluminium yoke create controlled geometry to mould perfectly to the face while providing excellent grip. The headband and earpads are covered with semi-aniline leather and microfiber for even greater comfort and soundproofing. The rigid carrying case supplied with Celestee allows the headphones to be transported anywhere, safely. Colour-matched to the headphones and its woven finish, the carrying case is the final touch of elegance.



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