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With its special Japanese character and meaning, , Hana brand moving coil cartridges manufactured by Excel Sound deliver the most “Brilliant and Gorgeous” performance for vinyl music lovers and audiophiles. This HANA sound comes from superb design, engineering excellence and 50 years of experience by Masao Okada-san, the Excel Sound cartridge design Master.

During the past several years, the HANA E and S Series moving coil cartridges have achieved global recognition for their world-class analog music reproduction at a previously unattainable price.

Now, building upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA sound, we introduce our new “M” Series deluxe model moving coil cartridge. Available in high and low output versions, this evolutionary new class leading model continues the HANA tradition by featuring higher specification parts, advanced materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interface.

Excel Sound manufactures all the major parts, producing affordable cartridges with an excellent sound quality. Specialized tooling improves the price/quality ratio, with manufactured parts designed for maximum performance and consistency. Excel’s experienced craftsmen skillfully hand assemble all the parts into an excellent finished product, producing the consistently “Brilliant and Gorgeous” HANA sound.

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