Innuos PhoenixUSB Reclocker

Innuos PhoenixUSB Reclocker

Another stunning upgrade for digital audio by the master engineers at Innuos.  Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing, until it’s taken away! Well worth a serious look.



The PhoenixUSB offers in one unit the equivalent of 3 separate components: A US B regenerator, a linear power supply and an external master clock with its own linear power supply. Innuos applied 3 main design approaches learning from their experience with the Innuos flagship music server, the STATEMENT: · The US B chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All 3 independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by 3 sets of LT3045 regulators. · The use of a 3ppb OCXO clock running directly at 24MHz and connected via a board track just a couple of inches away from the US B chip. Therefore, no precision is lost within cables and connectors, as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator. · Two independent Statement-level linear power supplies, one dedicated to the OCXO clock and the other used for powering the US B chip/5V US B line





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