Innuos ZENith SE MK II


Our flagship model, designed for Audiophiles who want to extract all the detail and dynamics out of their music on high end hi-fi systems.

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An exclusive 100 units Special Edition of the award winning ZENith designed to take your music to new heights. Music gains more body, soundstage gets deeper and all instruments and voices feel more real than ever before.


New oversize, custom-wound audiophile
toroidal transformer with 3 independent outputs

New Triple-Linear power supply designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs

Gold-plated circuit board with High-End Mundorf Capacitors

Limited and numbered edition with only 100 units produced

Audiophile-grade, silver-coated and shielded cabling, hand-soldered directly to board to lower impedance

Three anti-vibration feet with asymmetrical positioning to better isolate vibration without affecting dynamics

Improved EMI protection for the internal components


Innuos ZENith Special Edition

The Zenith SE picks up the trademark PRaT (Pace, Rhythm and Timing) and neutrality of the Zenith and raises it to an entirely new level. To achieve this, we focused on 3 areas: Power Supply, Vibration and EMI Shielding.

New Triple-Linear PSU

The new Triple-Linear power supply has been designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs using the very best components: Mundorf capacitors, ultra-low noise regulators, gold-plated contacts, silver-plated cabling on all power connections. All carefully hand-soldered by our expert technicians in-house.

Vibration Control

We’ve taken vibration damping even further with an extremely quiet toroidal transformer and 3 anti-vibration feet working in perfect synergy with the chassis to keep vibration from sensible electronics.

EMI Shielding

Finally, we have further protected the system from EMI interference with a custom-built GOSS band around the transformer and shielding all internal cables from interference.

There is now an incredible depth to the soundstage, allowing the listener to explore all the fine layers of instruments and detail in voices. One now wanders through the music, rather than simply listening to it, as it becomes more natural, evolving and exciting. Prepare for many hours of enjoyment listening to your music like never before.