Naim FraimLite Level (Tall 264mm)


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Product Description

For entry-level Naim systems, the FraimLite features the same tripod-style configuration, carefully optimised shelf spacing and high-quality material construction of the reference-quality Fraim.

It retains the cup-and-cone interface system used by its bigger brother too, but omits the dual layer base and ball-bearing decoupled glass shelf. Reference Fraim levels can be incorporated into the same system as FraimLite so that you can upgrade to the top of the range equipment support on a level-by-level basis.



  • Fraim platforms available in Cherry, Natural Ash and Black finishes
  • Extruded anodized aluminium Fraim legs available in three heights, and in silver or black finishes
  • Modular design allows for system expansion over time
  • Decoupled structure with inter-level cup-and-cone interfaces underneath shelves
  • Stainless steel floor spikes for maximum isolation
  • Optimised shelf spacing to reduce magnetic interaction between components

Product Specification

UprightsNatural anodised, Black anodised
ShelvesAsh, Cherry, Black Ash
Overall Dimensions643 x 442 mm (W x D)
Shelf Dimensions452 x 340 mm (W x D)
Available Height (per level)Standard level 131 mm
Medium level 206 mm
Tall level 280 mm
Level HeightStandard level 150 mm
Medium level 225 mm
Tall level 299 mm
Base level 79 mm
Shipping WeightStandard 5.4 kg
Medium 6 kg
Tall level 6.65 kg
Base level 4.7 kg
Twin level 8.9 kg
Base and level 8.2 kg
WeightStandard level 3.5kg
Medium level 4.1kg
Tall level 4.75kg
Base level 2.8kg





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