Rega Planar 6

Rega Planar 6

Rega’s all new Planar 6, designed from the ground up with trickle down technology from the exceptional RP10.



The successor to hugely popular RP6, the all new Rega Planar 6 will once again raise the bar for performance.

Designed from the ground up, the new Planar 6 has been several years in development, and continues Rega’s constant evolution of design.

Firstly we should say that new deck is stunning.  Not just in sales talk, but its a piece of art this deck.  The mat black finish is ‘scratch proof’, and has an elegant and minimalist feel about it.  Personally, I cannot think of a more compelling design over recent years.  Turntables always look better without a lid.  Not this one, with a smoked appearance, it’s the first deck I have seen where the lid is not just a practical after-thought.


Technical Highlights

OK so lets get down to the nitty gritty.  First up we have the new Neo PSU, which borrows a lot of technology from the RP10.  Including  the RP10’s DSP (digital signal processing) generator, which is built upon a high stability crystal.

The DSP generator has been designed to feed the motor with the purest power supply possible, in effect, a sine wave which is completely unaffected by mains interference.


Other technical highlights include:


  •  A Super lightweight foam core plinth.
  • A Plinth laminate: New Polaris HPL (high pressure laminate). Non marking matt finish scratch resistant high rigidity skin.
  • Beautiful High gloss black polymer edging.
  • New Single piece aluminium sub platter.
  • New Custom machined high precision drive pulley.
  • Patent pending central brass hub.
  • Rega’s double brace technology, with integral custom matched aluminium tonearm and hub pillars to ensure maximum rigidity and accuracy.
  • New aluminium foot trims and Planar style feet.
  • RB330 handmade precision tonearm with custom stainless weight.

Moving Coil or Moving Magnet

Is is possible to specify the new Planar 6 with Rega’s new Ania Cartridge (further information on this cartridge here) as a factory fitted option.  In our opinion, this package represent fantastic value for money, and should be considered as a logical choice or future upgrade path.


Fono MC Stage

The Fono MC stage (see here) completes a synergistic analogue front end which is worthy of high praise.







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