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Delta Series S/PDIF features a true balanced, twisted pair design. Ohno continuous cast copper, VTX™ (hollow core) conductors with expensive fluorocarbon dielectrics and braided shielding. Shunyata Research’s exclusive KPIP™ process eliminates lengthy burn-in issues.

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Alpha USB cables feature Precision Matched Z conductors. Signal and power wires are heavily shielded for superior noise immunity. Each Alpha USB cable is handmade.

Digital signal and USB cables possess extreme sensitivity to proximal noise because of the environment they are applied within. The Alpha USB possesses a uniquely applied 100% coverage silver-mesh shielding to minimize exposure to radiation from nearby noise sources. Due to the high-speed nature of the digital signal, the Alpha conductors and termination junctions are perhaps the most critical aspect of any digital cable design. Caelin Gabriel uses his own proprietary design process called Precision Matched Z conductors which eliminate conductor incongruities that would otherwise distort high-speed signal transfer. To finish the Alpha USB design, custom-manufactured connectors are hand-applied using an alloy developed to eliminate junction related distortions inherent in all standard USB cable designs. The performance gain from these material refinements makes the Alpha USB the first choice for performance anywhere near its value oriented price.


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