Stax SR-009S

Stax SR-009S

Stax was formed in 1938 in Japan and in 1960 they released their first electrostatic Headphone or ‘Earspeaker’ as they are better known. Being an electrostatic design, a Stax Earspeaker requires an energiser unit to drive them making it a complete package. Over the last 50+ years Stax have refined their designs making them the leaders in electrostatic headphones and arguably the leaders in high performance headphones today.


Still the reference, STAX prefer to be know as ‘ear speakers’ rather than headphones, and a quick listen gives you an understanding why.  The sound almost comes from outside of the head…giving a presentation that is indeed almost ‘speaker’ like.  This model is the SR-009S.  Simply incredible.






Stax SR-009S Brochure

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