Stax SRM-D10 DAC/Energiser


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Product Description

Stax introduce the world’s first portable DAC and electrostatic amplifier.



– This high-performance DAC can be connected to a MAC / PC or a variety of digital audio sources- Analog sources can also be connected
– The SRM-D10 runs on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
– Portable listening to Stax Earspeakers is now possible
– Enjoy the superb sound of Stax anytime and anywhere you go

Exquisitely built

Precision machined from solid billets of aluminium, the two-piece case of the SRM-D10 goes through multiple processes to ensure a smooth luxury velvet feel. Fit and finish, like all Stax products is superb and with its striking industrial design, SRM-D10 is a piece you won’t want to hide away. At 141mm wide, 75mm deep and 32mm high, the SRM-D10 is also truly compact.

High-resolution playback

On the digital side, the SRM-D10 uses XMOS USB interface support for DSD 5.6MHz signal playback and PCM audio with up to 384KHz sample rate.

State-of- the-heart

On the digital conversion side, Stax chose to use the ESS ES9018 DAC. Renowned for its superb sound quality, the ES9018 is then fed to a
TI OPA1642 ultra-low distortion op amp to ensure the delicate bitstream remains unaltered.

Stax also has a world first

The SRM-D10 uses an Astronautic level high voltage amplifier to provide the drive and high voltage necessary for the electrostatic diaphragm. This high voltage amplifier is based around a chip from a company called Apex. Apex manufacturer the highest quality parts for the aerospace and medical industries. The Apex chip used in the SRM-D10 is the same as that used in the Apache helicopter. This chip together with the new output stage developed for the SRM-D10 is the most advance Stax has ever made for any energiser.

Selected components

Audiophile grade components complete the output stage, ensuring the SRM-D10 drives any Stax Earspeaker to its full potential. On the rear of the SRM-D10 a switch is provided to select either digital input or the analog input.

Separate power supply

A separate power supply provides the necessary voltage for re-charging the Lithium Ion battery in the SRM-D10. During use, the SRM-D10 will give 5 hours use on the analog input and 4 hours on the digital input.

Enjoy incredible high-quality audio playback wherever you are

Whether you want a portable high-resolution system for your lounge, study or bedroom, or want to take your Stax system with you when you travel, Stax now makes it easier than ever to enjoy incredible high-quality audio playback through Stax electrostatic earspeakers* wherever you are.

*Stax Electrostatic Earspeakers sold separately

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