Vitus SS-025 Stereo Power Amp


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Could you ask for more? The future is already here. Our design team had their hands free to push the boundaries even further. A new platform was created to satisfy a much broader audience. With a mix of technology taken from the SIA-025 and the SM-011, we came up with our most powerful design to date, considering the physical size of the unit. With 300 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm and twice that into 4 Ohm, there’s hardly any load the SS-025 can’t handle. Paired with either the SIA-025 for bi-amping or the SL-102, this amplifier can create a small but extremely powerful system that offers a musical engine, which focuses on the music. Hook it up with the SCD-025 and you have a 3- chassis system that is simple, easy on the eye and sets a standard in performance, quality and upgradability.




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