Voxativ Zeth Loudspeaker

Voxativ Zeth Loudspeakers






The Zeth is an elegant column loudspeaker that delivers a natural audio pleasure. With a driver that is specially developed for this model the detail reproduction in treble and bass is fast and punchy.

Inside the case, a special horn guidance is accommodated. This is made on the base of the Voxativ Acoustic Stealth Technology®. The opening of the horn is facing down where a bottom plate reflects the bass into the room. So the bass reproduction adds perfectly to the mid and high frequencies of the widebander that is used.

The fast transient response of this loudspeaker is based on the specifically developed driver, the Voxativ AC-Zeth .You will be surprised what details you will find inside your favorite music.

The Zeth is available in several veneer surfaces. According to the tradition Voxativ these speakers are also available in black or white piano lacquer.

In many cases, the wideband driver is best supported by the optional bass modules made by Voxativ – The Z-Bass.  This can be used in a stereo pair, and provides exceptional authority and depth to the Zeth sound.