Qobuz now integrated into Roon - the future of streaming.

For many the name Qobuz will already be familiar, though in all fairness to the service, it has not shared the same mass rise of popularity as competitor streaming service Tidal.  The reasons for this could be one of many.  That Tidal was created and is fronted by one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time Jay-Z and a group of fellow artists and musicians cannot hurt!  Tidal has also been very proactive in offering trial memberships in association with manufacturers like Naim.  It has been very successful, and we know from experience just how many customers have stuck with Tidal after the trial period has ended.

Perhaps the biggest advantage, at least in our eyes, has been the integration with Roon.  Roon is still one of the most stylish and user friendly ways bring together your stored music library and the world of online content.  This has made Tidal the deacto streaming service for anyone wanting to use Roon, until now.

After a lengthy and thorough period of development and testing, Qobuz is now natively integrated into Roon, and it sound incredible!  Whats more, the indexing and catalogue offered by Qobuz is superb, covering all of your mainstream releases, but also an extensive range of genres not catered for that well by Tidal, such as Jazz, Classical and others.



Get 1 month of free Studio Quality streaming + Free download

In association with Qobuz, we are delighted to offer an introductory 1 month trial of Qobuz,  where you can explore the catalog on offer in Studio Quality, and appreciate how fantastic these can sound.  Additionally, there is also a complimentary free download of the album PIAS which is well worth checking out.

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