High-End Open Day

Saturday 16th November 2019, 11:00 - 17:00

Winter is here, and we are turning up the heat with some really exceptional hi-fi here at The Audiobarn. 

Supported by our partners at KOG Audio, we shall be showcasing the quite extraordinary Vimberg Mino loudspeakers.  These are to be driven by German manufacturer T+A source and amplification.  Linking everything together we shall have Tellurium Q Black Diamond cabling.

The day is split into a morning and afternoon session with lunch in between.  Each session uses the same source and loudspeakers, but we’ll start with a pair of T+A A3000 HV Power Amplifiers, and after an hour swap over to the mighty M 40 HV Valve Mono Amplifiers for the remaining time.

  • Morning Session: 11am – 1pm
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Session: 2pm – 4pm

The System In Detail


T+A PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport

T+A SDV 3100 HV Streaming DAC/Pre Amplifier


T+A A3000 HV Stereo Power Amplifier (Bridged) x 2

Followed by 

T+A M 40 HV Valve Mono Amplifiers x 2


Vimberg Mino from Tidal Audio GmbH

Vimberg Mino

The name Tidal is of course best known the industry for the online streaming service.  However, TIDAL Audio GmbH  is a German high-end hi-fi manufacturer widely regarded as the absolute pinnacle of home audio.  Vimberg is a subsidiary of TIDAL, where the speakers are manufactured to the same standards, in the same factory etc, but at a price us mere mortals can afford!

The result is simply a quite enchanting loudspeaker.  From the sound to it’s living room friendly aesthetics,  the feedback we are receiving is nothing but praise and admiration for what Vimberg have achieved.

This is a perfect opportunity to hear them in an informal and fun open day!


T+A HV Series

Also hailing from Germany, we shall be showcasing the reference digital front end offered by T+A.  Their SDV 3100 HV is already a legend, offering DSD streaming over ethernet, and an analogue preamp that performs amongst the best.  Combined with their PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport, you have an incredibly musical digital front end.

We shall be using 2 levels of amplification with the above – firstly a pair of A3000 HV Stereo Power Amplifiers (used in bridged mode) followed by the reference M 40 HV Valve Mono-Amplifiers for a real taste of the high-end.

Not heard T+A yet?  You really need to!

T+A PDT 3100 HV Tray

The Tellurium Q Effect

Tellurium Q has been a consistent award winner for several years now, but not just here in the UK where it is made, but in highly competitive markets around the world.

It can take some getting your head around the idea that a cable can be a ‘component’ in your hi-fi system, but to overlook this area can be a missed opportunity.  There have been occasions where an interconnect has lifted a system above straight hardware changes.

The proof is always in the listening – and you are welcome at any time to borrow some of these fine cables.

Deli Sandwiches

Complimentary drinks and sandwiches will be on offer as at all of our events.

Our local Delicatessen is Dorringtons, who have been supplying their wares since 1930 and I can personally guarantee that their selection is second to none!  

Help us order in the food

The event will run all day, but we would be really grateful if you could indicate if you are planning on coming, and if you are bringing anyone.

Just complete the form and we shall look forward to seeing you on the day.