What Our Customers Are Saying:

Hello, Jack:

Just a quick note, to let you know how we are getting on with our new equipment.

We very quickly had the Auralic’s up and running, but not without some ‘drama’. I made the mistake of setting up the Aries onto my router using the 5G wifi connection straight away and not taking the easy option of ‘hard wiring’. This caused for some reason the Aries to not connect with our signal, and display a wifi symbol, which I now know means it has created its own network, but at the time the unit would not do anything else.

This was 8 pm on a Sunday, so I sent Auralic support an email thinking a reply would arrive next day with the time difference, but got a reply from their CEO in just 30 minutes, 3 emails later and only 10 pm we were all back up and running after following instructions. WHAT A SERVICE !

Other than that everything else is working 100%, and ‘boy’ what a difference the Auralic’s have made, really glad we made the change, and once again thank’s for your help and understanding in enabling the change.

Well better get back to ripping my cd’s onto the new NAS drive, and it looks like we shall have to listen to them all again.

Looking forward to our next visit to The Audiobarn in the future.

Richard & Elaine
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